Chasing After Caroline Munro


"I wanted to do art.  Art was my love.  I went to Art School in Brighton but I was not very good at it.  I just did not know what to do.  I had a friend at the college who was studying photography and he needed somebody to photograph and he ask me.  Unbeknownst to me, he sent the photographs to a big newspaper in London.  The famous fashion photographer, David Bailey, was conducting a photo contest and my picture won.  From there my career as a model took off."

In 1966, model turned actress Caroline Munro became a Bond girl under the evil guidance of Dr. Noah in the James Bond spoof - Casino Royale.

"I was sixteen when I became a Bond girl."

"There were quite a few scenes that had Dr. Noah’s Guard Girls in them.  The one scene I was in was where David Niven as Sir James Bond and Barbara Bouchet as Moneypenny were meeting Dr. Noah played by Woody Allen.  There were quite a few of us.  I don’t remember where I was but I do remember being in the back."

Although the scene is just one minute long, Caroline worked on the film for two weeks.


The Guard Girls wait for instructions from Dr. Noah.  Caroline is the one circled.


It would be another ten years before Caroline would throw villainy towards OO7 again.  The sexy assistant to Karl Stromberg, known as Naomi, chased after Bond and Anya in her machine gun touted helicopter in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. 

Second Unit Director, Ernest Day, shot the scenes of her in the helicopter. "We spent half an afternoon ad-libbing my scene", she said.   "Which includes my famous wink to OO7.  It was an explosive ending."

She also has the honor of being the first ‘bad’ Bond girl not to be bedded by Her Majesty’s secret agent. "I think both Naomi and Bond were attracted to each other. There was certainly a twinkle in the air."

Before she was offered the part of Naomi, Caroline was offered the part of Ursa in Superman.  "Sarah Douglas got that part instead, and she was wonderful."


Terence Stamp, Jack O' Hallohan and Sarah Douglas make up the evil trio who brought destruction to Metropolis in Superman 2One can only imagine how Caroline would have been in this role.


As soon as she was given the part of Naomi, she was sent to the island of Sardinia where the weather turned to a full week of rain.  "We waited for the weather to improve. Cubby Broccoli, the producer, was so calm during the production.  He kept telling me that not too worry, we'll get the shot."

Roger Moore had a reputation of pulling pranks on movie sets and 'Spy' was no exception.  "Roger was a bit of a naughty boy.  He was always telling a little quip.  He was charming to me but he often did something mischievous to his leading ladies."

"The late Curt Jurgens, who played the evil megalomaniac Stromberg, was a lovely man as well as Richard Kiel who played Jaws. The three of us helped publicize ‘Spy’ in New York and Los Angeles. Which included an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show with Roger Moore and Cubby."

Caroline having some fun with Richard "Jaws" Kiel


Nowadays, Ms. Munro travels the world over meeting fans of horror and fantasy at local conventions.

Caroline Munro takes time to pose with three of her fans at the Monster Bash in Butler, Pennsylvania


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